The Dent System of Training

What does it take to be a champion? Quite simply, it takes professional technique combined with a champion’s mentality. Players at the semi-pro and professional levels can ONLY win if they have mastered the techniques currently on tour. Proper professional instruction is the key to realizing the dream of winning championships. Put another way, if you want to be a champion then you must learn from a champion. That’s the Dent System difference.

The Dent System Difference

The Dent System of Training is unlike many tennis academies across the country. While most tennis academies and clubs teach students the fundamentals of tennis very well, the Dent System goes beyond the fundamentals to teach students how to prepare for tournaments, how to hit like a pro, and most importantly, how to win. The Dent System of Training equips their students with the competitive advantages they must possess to be a champion on and off the court.

The Dent System Advantages

Proper professional technique instruction direct from the Tour like the modern forehand
Learn the exact same Dent System techniques from coaches trained personally by Taylor Dent
High intensity drills that teach muscle memory through repetition
Live ball practice in every training session to prepare students for tournament match play
Strategy and mental toughness to push students to the next level

Players who the Dents have coached:

Maria Sharapova Former World Number 1. Traveled to Southern California to work on her serve with Phil Dent.

Michael Chang Former World Number 2

Jared Donaldson Current World Number 96

Raveena Kingsley Current World Number 324

Evan Zhu Current ATP Player

Melinda Czink Former World Number 37

Amy Zhu Current WTA Player

Daniel Kosakowski Former World Number 256

Michael McClune Former World Number 267

Andrew Korinek Current ATP Player

Players who Taylor, Phil and Jenny have competed against:

Novak Djokovic Former World Number 1

Roger Federer 17-Time Major Champion

Rafael Nadal Former World Number 1

Andy Murray Current World Number 1

Andy Roddick Former World Number 1

Serena Williams Current World Number 1

Venus Williams Former World Number 1

Martina Hingis Former World Number 1

Jimmy Connors Former World Number 1

John McEnroe Former World Number 1