Tennis Fitness Drills

It is impossible to be a successful tennis player unless you are in tip top shape. At Dent we focus on tennis specific fitness drills to make sure our players are able to play tennis at the highest level possible.

If you can’t get to the ball it doesn’t matter how good of a forehand you have. That is why we have drills that make sure our players have a quick first step, allowing them to get back into position to make a good swing on the ball.

Long distance running is helpful for getting in shape, but not necessarily that helpful for getting in tennis shape. Think about how a tennis match goes and train accordingly. Go to the track and Sprint the straight-aways and jog the curves.

Tennis players need to be long and lean, which means heavy lifting is not going to be very helpful for tennis. However, increasing your overall strength can really improve your tennis game and fitness. Try doing full body exercises like push ups, squats, berpies, lunges, and jumping jacks. Use interval training while doing these workouts to get in the best tennis shape possible. If you are looking for examples of workouts, check out for videos like this of tabata style training.

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